Outreach and Grants

Outreach Camps

Each year, the Atalanta’s and Vincent’s’ clubs run a summer sports camp for local students in their final years of Primary School. The Outreach Programme is an especially important part of both clubs’ work, and aims to demonstrate the importance of sport and exercise in a healthy, balanced lifestyle, whilst also encouraging school children to continue to pursue sport alongside their academic studies as they move into secondary school and beyond. It is designed to encourage the principles of teamwork, perseverance and confidence, and to show the children that skills learnt or useful in sport may also help them in their academic work. The programme is extremely varied and is definitely a highlight for all of our volunteers. 

We are also working on a connection with Magdalen College School, through which we aim to further our outreach programme to include excellence in sports days. This will also broaden our reach in the Oxfordshire area, and provide greater opportunities for our members to give back to the local community, whilst simultaneously gaining great coaching experience. 

Click here to read about our 2019 Summer Camp!

If you are interested in hearing more about our outreach work or would like to participate in next year’s camp, please get in contact with our Outreach Secretary (ameen.chekroud@sjc.ox.ac.uk). 

Outreach Grants

One of the many ways in which we support our members is by way of a number of grants which can be applied for throughout the year. All members are encouraged to apply, whether as individuals or on behalf of their team or club. Atalanta’s seeks to support and foster the development of all sportswomen across Oxford, whatever their end goal might be. 

Last year, grants were awarded to the following teams and individuals:

  • Oxford University Swimming Club to be put towards open water swimming efforts and initiatives. 
  • Oxford University Association Football Club to be put towards equipment costs and membership recruitment.
  • Oxford University Powerlifting Club to be put towards participation at the World University Championships.
  • Oxford University Fencing Club to be put towards competition costs.
  • Zoe Thursz (Oxford University Lacrosse Club) to be put towards speed training in preparation for international representation.

Grants are paid for by a combination of the generous support of our sponsors, Goldman Sachs, and our alumni. If you are interested in making a donation to help support current sportswomen at Oxford, please get in touch with our treasurer, Hatty Ruck, at treasurer.atalantas@gmail.com

Should you have any further queries, please get in contact with our President, Francesca FitzGerald, at president.atalantas@gmail.com