This year we ran a very successful summer camp for students at local primary schools, this takes place at the end of the summer term and is run by volunteers from both Atalanta’s and Vincent’s clubs. It is designed to encourage the principles of team work, perseverance and confidence in the children and show them that skills learnt or useful in sport may also help them in their academic work. Further to this we are also working on a connection to Magdalen College school, through which we aim to further our outreach program to include excellence in sports days. This should provide opportunities for our members to both give back to the community and to gain coaching experience and possibly qualifications.


One of the ways we support our members is in offering them a number of grants to apply for over the year. All members are encouraged to apply, whether as individuals or on behalf of their team or club, and grants are handed out at various points over the year.

Last year grants were awarded to the women’s side of OUABC for new match kit, the women’s side of OUPLC to help fund coaching qualifications, and many individuals to help them cover the costs of performing at a university, national and even international level.

Grants are paid for by a combination of the generous support of our sponsors, Goldman Sachs, and our alumni. If you are interested in making a donation to help support current sportswomen at Oxford, please get in touch with our treasurer, CJ, at